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" I changed my iPhone's name to Titanic. It's syncing now. "

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wow, just wow... That movie wazz soooo boring it would put me to sleep not even half way through the movie, complete snore fest I mean come on, this one loves that one this one says go on without me I'll be fine then that one says I will wait 4ever 4u, wow most annoyin thing i ever heard.. N why is their love story tookin so seriously til dis day, i mean i understand this happenend to real ppl but there are other lovestories alot similar expect they dont take place on a boat....Like those 2 bank robbers, "Bonnie & clyde" n they also have a movie but for some reason their movie or them are never talked bout n that should change...
By: Lauren Coulter on 04 Feb 2017

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