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" Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here. "

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Actually, keep messing with me and you'll soon find heaven isn't as far as you think.
By: Furvert on 14 Feb 2009
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Are you lost? The insane asylum is even farther away from here.
By: Lizzie on 10 Dec 2008
2 8
Are you lost? Hell is a very long way from here.
By: Spica on 05 Aug 2007
2 5
No im just visiting and as I left God said to watch out for the bastred who asked if I was lost
By: CEO on 01 Mar 2013
1 4
yes i figured it out when i saw you
By: player69 on 22 Aug 2009
1 4
Actually I am looking for hell, because I have been too naughty to go back to heaven!
By: Chestnut on 01 Sep 2011
1 4
take me to bed and you'll find out it isnt
By: swaggalagga on 08 Mar 2015
there are 10 Devils in this world, 6 are having showers, 3 are sleeping, and... Oh look! 1 is standing right Infront of me!
By: Lillybajer on 13 Apr 2016
Well, maybe you could point me in the right direction.
By: ;lkj on 14 Jan 2009
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you all retyards
By: swaggalagga on 08 Mar 2015
This line is light and flattering, although it does have some cheese on top, girls may just eat it up! At the very least you should get a smile and an awe.
By: Editor on 26 Mar 2007
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By: Indian on 28 Apr 2017
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By: Aaron on 08 Jul 2010
I would fall for this guy
By: Rubinie_the_Genie on 11 Feb 2016

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Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here.

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