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" What's a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine? "

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Looking for the nearest exit
By: A on 13 Jan 2013
tryin to find a way out
By: banana27 on 20 Oct 2008
thats my dad over ther
By: superman on 13 Mar 2008
cleaning up.
By: the truth on 11 Dec 2013
Tryin' to get the hell out.
By: ImNotYourDaddyImYourGrandpa on 26 Mar 2011
Everything ;D Now do you wanna say hi to my huge boyfriend? :DDDDDDDDDD
By: uknowhoiam on 23 Jul 2011
That's What She Said ,? Who's This "She"
By: Jasmine(: on 18 Jul 2011
actually im a bitch so i guess thats why im here but im trying to clean it cause its dirtier than me!
By: tay on 13 Jan 2009
Cleaning...... this is a serious job! Don't you ever clean? Ewwwwww! Is that an old piece of pizza or reallly realllllly gross pair of tighty-whiteys (that arent so white *cough**cough*)!?!? ICKY ICKY! I better get paid for this!
By: uknowhow/noodles on 23 Jul 2011
You kidnaped me and put me in your dirty little mind.
By: Desirae on 28 Aug 2009
apparently, fitting right in.....
By: ShallowShelly on 18 Nov 2008
Cleaning out my closet.
By: Thomas on 14 Apr 2008
Cleaning out my closet.
By: Thomas on 14 Apr 2008
i got lost, i was trying to get into his mind *points anywhere
By: someone on 04 Oct 2008
i don't know. wanna give me directions out of here?
By: kelly on 29 May 2008
I think I'm just gonna leave now...
By: Girl U. Dontno on 26 Jul 2010
is that where I am, I thought this was the bathroom....
By: Mixie on 18 Nov 2008
2 -1
is you're mind as dirty as your room, because I'm staying the hell out. ;)
By: Good One! on 27 May 2012
1 -1

Variations & Alternatives:

Honey, your dad doesn't have a penis. He has a paintbrush because you're a masterpiece!
By: Tom on 04 Jan 2008


This is a good way to tell a girl that you think she's hot. She may take it the wrong way however. The bigger your smile, the dirtier she may think your thoughts are. Works for the right girls.
By: Editor on 26 Mar 2007
By: Ayyye on 09 Feb 2011
.......wow thats worse than rotten bannanas
By: McLaminess_to_the_third on 10 Dec 2008
im not sure if your tryin to compliment me or insult me. GO AWAY.
By: Jill? on 09 Jul 2010

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What's a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?

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