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" Say "I bet I can kiss you on the lips without touching you." and kiss her, then tell her you lost the bet. "

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Slap him and cell him a perv, loudly!
By: Jenny on 07 Apr 2007
Bet I can give you pink eye without touching you. *splooges in girls eye* yep I won.
By: weiner on 08 May 2012
well i see your kissing is crappy
By: Killa on 13 Mar 2008
ok now you owe me twenty bucks and i get to puch you in the face^^
By: Tanker00 on 09 Sep 2013
You've failed and now you owe me even more
By: SC on 06 Nov 2008
Which lips?
By: Sweet candy on 02 Jun 2013
*cleans mouth* Wanna bet I can kill you without touching you?*grabs a gun* BANG!... See? I win!
By: Hobo on 16 Jun 2009
and you lost any chance youll have to get a girl, with that kiss :X
By: GAYYYFAG(: on 16 Dec 2007
I lost the bet alright!! I almost mistaked u for my dog until i realized ur human!!
By: G-UNIT on 08 Jan 2009
Thats too bad! I was about to make you lose. But with a good kisser like you I guess I don't mind betting that the next time we kiss will be after you die and never. *Gives a big kiss that last a min. on the lips while writing # on his hand* Opps guess I lost. *Smiles then walks away*
By: udontknowme+neverwill on 18 Oct 2010
Bet my man can beat the **** out of you without touching you... *5 min later* oops, guess I lost that bet... We're even. *Walks away*
By: **** on 07 Oct 2009
[in baby talk] Good boy! Wait you're not a dog! Your breath sure tasted like it! Here, have a dogie buiscutte![stuff it in his mouth]
By: annonomus on 02 Jun 2011
okay now drop and give me twenty
By: liz on 25 Oct 2007
*smiles and punches lightly on his chest* You're such a bastard. Heres my number:
By: Girl U. Dontno on 26 Jul 2010
By: HA on 28 Jan 2009

Variations & Alternatives:

I'll bet you a dollar I can grab your boobs without ever touching your shirt, *if she agrees* Oh guess I lost a dollar
By: Trublhappn on 24 Dec 2008


i can kiss you without touchig you.. "use thin layer of plastic " see i win . get kissed here first kiss
By: latika on 31 Aug 2011
I fell for it and it was cute
By: bethy on 18 Oct 2008
4 me it was perfect
By: Killa on 13 Mar 2008
where do you get off?
By: bobby on 04 Aug 2010
ok now you owe me twenty bucks and i get to puch you in the face^^
By: Tanker00 on 09 Sep 2013
Aw I think this is cute
By: Me on 07 Jul 2012
Totally worked...flawless! You just gotta say it with conviction like you know what you're talking about and about to show her a trick of some sort. Also, tell her to close her eyes.
By: YeaYup on 10 Jun 2009
Yall know this was in the Derailed movie!!
By: Q on 17 Jul 2008
Depending on who...
By: Lj on 16 Nov 2008
It does not work!... She immediately knew she had heard that line before... luckily she thought it was cute and told me we would prove that bet the next time we see each other... but there was a moment of awkwardness in the middle... DO NOT USE!
By: Stifler on 17 Aug 2008
haha I used this and it worked out pretty nicely, used it on a girl i've been flirting with
By: Vince on 04 Oct 2007
hahaha not bad
By: asdfghl on 27 Jun 2009
Punch and call him your b*tech
By: test on 19 Oct 2013
This one's pretty cute actually. I mean, unless the guy using it is sweating like a pig.
By: Furvert on 14 Feb 2009
okkk i have some seen some good ones but this is off the hockkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
By: jman on 16 Mar 2011
awh, thats sooo cute. :D
By: kane-boo. :) on 16 Mar 2010
i reccon thi is so cute and cant wait to try it. hope it will work on a guy
By: rach<3 on 16 Sep 2012
i thinkk thtts really cute for ppl who are dating
By: jellycaa on 27 Jul 2009
hahaha wow. somewhat depending on the guy, this would actually work. cuz i personally think its cute
By: Ducky on 01 Mar 2008
i bet i can call the police without even touching my cell phone....oops i lost.
By: scoobie on 20 Dec 2010

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