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" I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that you never use it. "

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You're the kind of kid who stares at orange juice boxes because they say "concentrate".
By: A Master. (HYPER) on 07 Jul 2015
8 16
Oh no I use it! You just can't process it because you don't have one!
By: Derp on 06 Oct 2015
4 5
Your mistaken. Im using yours for a swap, trying to understand why you are so full of crap.
By: Me on 18 May 2016
3 3
At least I have a brain
By: #owned on 12 Apr 2015
8 2
Your so stupid that you make Patrick star seem intellegent
By: mac on 01 Sep 2016
2 1
I'm surprised you would know what one is despite the fact that you don't have one.
By: Muster up something on 14 Jun 2017
Well I don't see you using it for anything good, oh wait... you don't even have one
By: Intellectual handiwork on 12 Jun 2016
Your brain should have a funeral because your brain dead.
By: mac on 23 Oct 2016
I'm happy I have a brain unlike you
By: Anonymus on 26 Jan 2016
6 -2
Wait, I never realized we were talking about your dick!
By: Anonymous on 31 May 2015
8 -2
Yes, it feels great!
By: randomidiot on 13 May 2015
9 -3
Wanna try it, it will certainly do me better than you.
By: Xederam on 14 May 2015
7 -3
At least I don't use it to be a loudmouth bully
By: Intellectual handiwork on 22 Jan 2016
10 -9
How intelligent I am, don't need to use my brain to calculate math while you are still in elementary school
By: Bitch pleasE!!! on 21 Jan 2015
17 -12

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Woops. Mistake in my comeback. Just swap "me" and "you" around.
By: Xederam on 14 May 2015
I bet you don't use it either, since you been taking all day trying answer what 1+1 is.
By: on 18 Mar 2017

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I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that you never use it.

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