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" I'm not saying I hate you, but I would unplug your life support to charge my phone. "

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Too bad you can't afford one!
By: NotWitty on 18 Feb 2016
10 24
Good. The sooner I die, the sooner I'll never have to look at your sorry ass ever again.
By: rorschachinstein on 22 Jan 2016
9 19
What are you talking abou? You won't even be able to afford a phone
By: SWK on 12 Jan 2016
8 11
You'll be the one on life support after I'm done with you!
By: Roaster on 14 Mar 2016
4 9
If you have to use a life support machine to charge it than you must have a really shitty phone
By: Intellectual handiwork on 22 Jan 2016
11 7
yeah, your 2008 flip phone that your mom bought you for your sweet sixteen
By: Samuel on 29 Jul 2016
2 1
If you are able to charge your phone with a life support plug, ill write you a $1 check out of my deed. I doubt you can and if you do succeed, thats how much youre sorry ass worth anyway.
By: Chase on 25 Nov 2016
It's Ironic How An Idiot Like You Could Use The WASD Keys.
By: Milk And Cereal on 25 Feb 2016
8 -2
By: JAYKE on 09 Oct 2015
13 -5
Who's stupid enough to bring a dead phone to a hospital
By: Hi senan on 05 Aug 2015
18 -10
d e l e t e y o u r l i f e.
By: AWCMONPEOPLE on 16 Jan 2016
17 -13

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some people are like slinkies. they're really good for nothing, but they can still put a smile on your face, especially when you push them down the stairs.
By: D-Savage on 09 Dec 2016
Guess what your so ugly that swet runs down on the back of your head to avoid your face
By: d on 11 Jul 2016
3 -1


Too bad you can't afford one!
By: NotWitty on 18 Feb 2016
3 11
Too bad, thry are not the same plug. Habe some comon sense.
By: Slick on 25 Nov 2016
By: jaes on 27 Nov 2016
I would unplug your spinal cord to charge my flip phone
By: michael on 16 Jan 2017
I am more intelligent to know what a life support machine is made of I have a flipping PhD
By: Corrinevictors on 21 May 2016
3 -1
Alex Farfan Scots College is sexually abusing me
By: Juan on 03 Nov 2015
6 -3
That isn't funny, u probably took ages to think of the word phone since u don't have one ( I don't class Nokia bricks as phones, shit head)
By: Lizzy on 04 Mar 2016
6 -5

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