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" People call me John, but you can call me Tonight! "

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Pigeon bitch
By: You know on 23 Oct 2013
Hey tonight it's nice to meet you, my name is not interested.
By: Kate on 27 Mar 2013
Ain't nobody got time for that.
By: It's Skye Dawgg Merfurker on 30 Nov 2012
oh really can i call u never ever
By: Shawty on 20 Aug 2012
Or you could call me. I can be reached at 1-800- not-interested.
By: Shawna. on 19 Jul 2012
Oh that's cute, but I'd rather call you John.............
By: Nikki NIk on 13 Dec 2011
Okay! Hey, Tonight, you wanna stop using those cheesy lines on me?
By: Girl U. Dontno on 26 Jul 2010
What's up Tonight?
By: sourabh on 04 Apr 2010
nope i think john is perfect
By: S"BOSH on 06 Feb 2010
Hey Tonight, mind if I call you Never instead?
By: kitty on 27 Jun 2009
nah its ok, i think id rather call u john
By: the sexy al on 11 Apr 2009
I'm sorry. I don't know the homeless shelters number!
By: Psychedellicereal on 31 Mar 2009
Hi Tonight mind if i call you Later
By: yea on 15 Sep 2008
Hey Tonight, your in my way, could you move please?
By: Rissa on 17 Aug 2008
hi tonight, soo not interested
By: cassi on 10 Jun 2008
hi tonight.
By: Jiggle oh! on 17 Apr 2008
By: dvx on 28 Jan 2008

Variations & Alternatives:

People call me John but you can call me Everyday giiiirl *Wobbly bass imitation*
By: Lame Ass on 04 Nov 2011


so funny :)
By: smiles96 on 10 Jul 2012
you can call me too, at 1-800-buh-byez
By: yeahhh no. on 27 May 2012
i love your face
By: jerry mcFlabberlabber on 21 May 2012
By: andrew on 13 May 2012
again turtles plus a man driving mongal hord are not interested!!!!!!
By: tired of my spandex aka those itchy things under my pants on 02 Dec 2011
again turtles plus a man driving mongal hord
By: tired of my spandex on 02 Dec 2011
Hey tonight it's nice to meet you, my name is not interested.
By: asd on 10 Jul 2011
LLLOOVE this one. its cute.
By: Jill? on 09 Jul 2010
Thats a good line that any man can use
By: Lanrewaju of sauga on 10 Aug 2009
well, HI JOHN!
By: poopy pants on 15 Apr 2008

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