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" My love for you is like diarrhea, I just cant hold it in! "

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Its gonna splatter all over you!
By: random_person on 10 Jul 2013
2 8
I love for you is like Santa Claus, Non-existent!
By: Psychedellicereal on 02 Apr 2009
3 7
well if you talk like that, thats not the only thing you will be holding in your pants
By: kelsey on 13 Jan 2009
That was shitty
By: allah on 07 Jan 2016
You Better Hold it in, bc i don't love you.
By: i.c.u.p on 28 Apr 2015
becuase your ugly
By: bryan on 06 Mar 2012
Can i join.....? plz....
By: BIG BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL :) on 27 Oct 2011
1 -1
ok maganda
By: marcela paez on 13 Jul 2012
1 -1
(sigh) funny but still it's worth a laugh, enough with the aasshole comments everyone!
By: piece maker on 25 Jul 2013
2 -1
Wanna tlk dirty :)
By: Babe:) on 27 Oct 2011
2 -2
hey can you look at m,y asshole for a minute? oph thjeres somethng in it oh yeah put it in thei to clean it tou j oahahahahahah
By: kawaiiuguu~~ on 26 Mar 2012
3 -2
By: jess on 02 Jun 2009
2 -2
i love you juicy lips aka michael w.
By: big-dickpenis on 27 Oct 2011
3 -3

Variations & Alternatives:

My Love for you is burning with desire i just can't hold it in... come here so i can show you!
By: MrsMandy on 07 Feb 2011
1 4
oh that cant work even to get a bushh girl/;but u can say .{my love for u is like a virol deseas i just cant get a cure rather than having u
By: uncle q on 12 May 2014
1 1


Good point down below. Are we trying to pick up the girl of make her laugh? Or both.
By: RÝb on 08 Jan 2010
mine is explosive
By: anonymous on 18 Jul 2011
I don't think I could handle dating a chick that couldn't laugh about some diarrhea line
By: Freddy on 24 May 2012
Hey babe :))
By: Tig ol' Bitties on 31 Oct 2011
I can see a female laughing hard at you for this one .
By: Lanrewaju on 10 Aug 2009
aliceinn,there is no place for religious rants in a place devoted strictly to comedy. If you wanna go to heaven,try this: www.meatspin.com
By: no. on 17 Jul 2015
Jess, you took the words right out of my mouth.
By: Girl U. Dontno on 10 Sep 2010
mines bleeding i think im having my period ,waite im a man
By: daquan on 13 Jul 2012
Aliceinn, that was one of the funniest comments I've seen in a while!
By: Bro on 15 Jul 2012
... that is ... GORSS!!!!!!!!
By: zippy on 18 Dec 2011
trust me the only ''thing'' that pickup line would work on is a doung beatle! shed be all ''let it loose honey!'' lol... but siriously
By: abby<3 on 27 Aug 2011
Kelsey I so agree with you!!
By: Just That Person on 29 May 2011
i said this to a girl, she hit me :(
By: declan younger on 20 Jan 2016
My girlfriend said this to me xD
By: slinkycaterpillar on 05 Jun 2012
Are you a parking ticket because you got fine written all over you.
By: TonyMac on 10 Mar 2014
That's not even cool! It's DISGUSTING! It would be a way to turn away someone.
By: Kat on 29 Jun 2014
I've got diarrhea and it keeps talking to me.....
By: TastyKakes on 06 Jul 2011
Really, that's just disgusting I would dump my drink on a guy who compared his feelings for me to uncontrollable bowel movements.
By: girlygirl on 08 Mar 2012
lick me
By: Big baby on 12 Dec 2011
1 -1
lick me
By: big baby on 12 Dec 2011
1 -1
have you ever got arrested? no why? it must be acrime to be this beautifull.
By: solly on 30 Aug 2011
1 -1
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By: Anonymous on 23 Apr 2015
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By: raja on 23 Aug 2011
2 -2
Okay, can I just say something. I am completely disgusted by the people that are commenting on this stuff. Really people! GROW UP! You should NOT talk about your parts and how you want people to come get them. And the fowl language, ohmygoodness. You guys are all going to go to hell. I really would be worried about where your eternity is. Heaven or Hell, what's your choice? John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son (Jesus) that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish (in Hell) but have everlasting life. (I n Heaven) God loves you!
By: aliceinn on 22 May 2012
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My love for you is like diarrhea, I just cant hold it in!

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