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" Do you wanna lose ten pounds of ugly fat? Cut off your head "

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You wanna lose 20 pounds of stupidity? Cut off your head
By: Jamie on 14 Sep 2013
why r u so ugly? comeback; because we are brothers.
By: ochenjele awayne on 02 Apr 2013
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Wanna stop using toilet paper, stop talking.
By: Phil on 19 Jan 2015
Question:why r you so ugly . Awesome comeback: Why do you ask questions in the third person? Idiot
By: Stephanie on 21 Mar 2013
1 -1
face down....... awesome comeback: ass up
By: wayne ochenjele on 02 Apr 2013
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Your so low, you have to climb a ladder to reach the bottom
By: comeback master on 05 Dec 2013
How cute !!
By: Dee on 22 May 2013
By: Whizzy on 16 Dec 2013
i would rather chew my arm off and beat myself with it than talk to you any longer.
By: insult: on 09 Sep 2013
(name) hide! The bin mans coming
By: trololol on 19 Jan 2014
Your so ugly when You bought a car it transformed And exploded
By: Mizzy on 30 Jul 2015
thats not nice man fuxken assholes tsssss -.-t
By: rebecca on 04 Oct 2012
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Do you wanna lose ten pounds of ugly fat?
Cut off your head

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