" Me without you is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, aSentenceWithoutSpaces. "

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Me without you is like a year without rain, trail with no train, an airline with no airplane. I am the west without the best.
By: Dick johnsons on 17 Aug 2015
2 18
What if I don't want to be braces, the laces or the space?
By: qwertyuiop on 11 Mar 2014
16 1
Lol. Wtffff guys XD
By: Unknow XD on 19 Jun 2017

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that is so cheesy
By: fu on 23 May 2014
1 12
If I had a Penny every time I thought of u I would have exactly one cent because u never leave my mind that's better
By: this is a real pick up line on 12 Apr 2015
2 11
that is sooooo cute!
By: iluvhim on 23 Aug 2013
4 6
a bakery without buns A party without funs a kiss without toungs
By: nah on 16 May 2015
2 6
Work on your dental conditions Your mentality to tie your own shoes And your english Before you use your pick up lines on me
By: k whatever on 17 Apr 2015
1 4
Nerds get them off. Flip flops, heels, flats? And there are one word sentences.
By: bishwhat on 26 Apr 2015
3 3
I think its pretty rad lmao all the hate comments XD
By: Zer on 14 Dec 2015
Me without is like a lion u cant tame,a controller with. no game,a match with no flame
By: JayClutch on 12 Feb 2017
that is really cute to say to ur bae
By: benjamin mckinney on 27 May 2015
4 -1
I´m 13 and my boyfriend ( he asked me out yesterday)came to school today and said that to me i blushed so badly!!
By: Kayla M on 15 Feb 2017
2 -1
thats rude. not all so called nerds have braces, but ur just saying that people with braces have to be nerds which is stupid, mean and rude
By: ugh on 23 Mar 2015
9 -1
If somebody used this pickup line on me, I'd kill them with the intensity and honesty of my glare, and they would never, EVER get to talk to me or any of my friends ever again. Just saying. Nerds are cool, and you don't have to have braces to be a nerd.
By: This is insulting on 15 Apr 2016
4 -3
makeup without face ;)
By: deepak magdum on 22 Dec 2013
5 -3
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha SIKE
By: Gotjfjd on 03 Jan 2014
7 -3
By: meryll angel my fb on 17 Nov 2014
7 -3
Clever. Perfect for social media sites
By: TheDude on 21 Jan 2014
6 -3
but me with u is meu. wtf-.- haha
By: Theresa on 01 May 2014
6 -3
That was so sweet and cute
By: By: Your lover on 17 Nov 2015
5 -3
I love this one
By: cyanna on 07 Dec 2014
7 -4
to:ugh, you are very mistaken, i am the biggest nerd at my school, and i do not have braces, and i am no different than other nerds. YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO BE! I CAN BE AS GOOD AS A NERD AS YOU, WITH YOUR FANCY BRACES! here, in america, we have the freedom of speech, and i am expressing it freely. If you are saying that you(a nerd) is stupid and dull, well, your entitled to your opinion.
By: masen wake on 04 May 2015
8 -4
kumos tha tha
By: pantene catao tibak on 04 Sep 2013
7 -7

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Me without you is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, aSentenceWithoutSpaces.

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