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" I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that. "

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You can't eat alphabet soup because you always choke on the D
By: lol on 13 Sep 2014
5 74
Too bad all of your smartass comebacks go down the toilet.
By: InYoAssBitch on 04 Mar 2015
3 15
would you clean your shit to find your digested statement? you seem like you would.
By: Gary on 14 Feb 2015
2 7
That must be the only thing you eat, that's probably why you talk too much bullshit
By: Intellectual handiwork on 22 Jan 2016
Then the statement will be shit too
By: Intellectual handiwork on 12 Jun 2016
I doubt that because you'd drown in the soup without life preservers
By: sethwinters on 24 Feb 2016
I bet if your mom had change for a ten dollar bill, you'd be a five dollar blowjob.
By: A-A-Ron on 14 Dec 2016
Ew your ugly, did your mom beat you into another race.
By: 0XScopeZ on 27 Jul 2015
5 -1
Im gonna add a lot of Fat and Sugar in that soup and see how you Shit out any Statement at all when you get constipated.
By: Awesome on 17 Nov 2014
10 -2
Oh yeah? Let's hear you say something, then.
By: TheComeBackMaker on 03 Mar 2016
5 -3
You can't beat me I'm a level 60 wizard!
By: 0XScopeZ on 27 Jul 2015
6 -4
Is that your face or did your neck explode?
By: 0XScopeZ on 27 Jul 2015
5 -5
Wow that sounds like a serious condition i think you should get that checked.
By: Alex Huddson on 13 Dec 2014
8 -6
Yah well I hope you have time to eat the soup since your mouth is constantly on the D asshole
By: Biteme on 30 Dec 2014
12 -7
what statement? i didn't say anything was it your child-like imagination? or are you hearing ghosts?
By: Saphire on 04 Apr 2015
11 -11

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Ur so ugly pepole thought the apocalypse begun
By: Daniel on 09 Feb 2016
3 -3
u guys stop being mean to each other Fartfaces
By: IJUSTFAFTED on 16 Feb 2015
9 -7

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I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that.

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