" I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that. "

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You can't eat alphabet soup because you always choke on the D
By: lol on 13 Sep 2014
5 86
Too bad all of your smartass comebacks go down the toilet.
By: InYoAssBitch on 05 Mar 2015
3 23
would you clean your shit to find your digested statement? you seem like you would.
By: Gary on 14 Feb 2015
2 10
That must be the only thing you eat, that's probably why you talk too much bullshit
By: Intellectual handiwork on 23 Jan 2016
1 5
Then the statement will be shit too
By: Intellectual handiwork on 12 Jun 2016
1 3
I bet if your mom had change for a ten dollar bill, you'd be a five dollar blowjob.
By: A-A-Ron on 14 Dec 2016
I could eat a bowl of shit and then make a better alphabet soup than that.
By: BackAtcha on 11 Dec 2017
If you're managing to shit out full sentences instead of breaking down your food then your digestive system must be as messed up as your face
By: :) on 27 May 2017
Alphabet soup would make you a trillion times smarter
By: ProRoasts on 06 Nov 2017
I doubt that because you'd drown in the soup without life preservers
By: sethwinters on 24 Feb 2016
3 -1
kill me
By: your moms pencil on 23 Oct 2017
1 -1
I'll eat some alphabet soup and you can eat that shit. I'll piss in it, too.
By: Dane Youssef on 15 Jul 2017
1 -1
you cant take a shit from a bowl of soup because of how big your head is (Means your head is shit)
By: xd on 06 Dec 2017
2 -2
Ew your ugly, did your mom beat you into another race.
By: 0XScopeZ on 27 Jul 2015
7 -2
You can't beat me I'm a level 60 wizard!
By: 0XScopeZ on 27 Jul 2015
6 -2
Im gonna add a lot of Fat and Sugar in that soup and see how you Shit out any Statement at all when you get constipated.
By: Awesome on 18 Nov 2014
11 -3
Oh yeah? Let's hear you say something, then.
By: TheComeBackMaker on 03 Mar 2016
5 -3
Is that your face or did your neck explode?
By: 0XScopeZ on 27 Jul 2015
6 -6
Wow that sounds like a serious condition i think you should get that checked.
By: Alex Huddson on 13 Dec 2014
8 -6
Yah well I hope you have time to eat the soup since your mouth is constantly on the D asshole
By: Biteme on 31 Dec 2014
13 -8
what statement? i didn't say anything was it your child-like imagination? or are you hearing ghosts?
By: Saphire on 04 Apr 2015
11 -10

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Ur so ugly pepole thought the apocalypse begun
By: Daniel on 09 Feb 2016
3 -3
u guys stop being mean to each other Fartfaces
By: IJUSTFAFTED on 16 Feb 2015
9 -6

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I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that.

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