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" If you were a booger I would pick you first. "

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Oh so you pick your nose? We're over!
By: random_person on 10 Jul 2013
if you were a booger i'd flick you first
By: Melly on 19 May 2011
IF I were a booger I would hope I wasn't in YOUR nose...loser!
By: Anonymous on 06 Mar 2010
umm thanks but if you were a bogger a i would through u away
By: U on 05 Jun 2009
if you picked your nose i would run screaming
By: U on 05 Jun 2009
Wow thats so cute..XD
By: U on 05 Jun 2009
If you were a booger, I'd sneeze you on the wall and watch my dog lick you off. Bonus points for the captcha: Arouse most
By: Furvert on 14 Feb 2009
*Hands him a tissue*
By: Furvert on 14 Feb 2009
U pick ur nose!? Gross!
By: C*R*A*Z*Y on 19 Mar 2008
Stop pickin your nose
By: Tiger on 05 Feb 2008
and if you were a booger i wouldnt pick you at all
By: felena on 03 Jan 2008

Variations & Alternatives:

You look delicious
By: TastyKakes on 06 Jul 2011


It too bad I'm not a piece of booger
By: Cherry on 17 Feb 2014
If you were a booger i would blow my nose!
By: random_person on 10 Jul 2013
I would pick ur ass first
By: $(TRENTM)$ on 14 Mar 2013
If i was a BOOGER i hope u would eat it
By: urMOM on 08 Nov 2012
By: urMOM on 08 Nov 2012
Oh I thought Jon Cozart created this line. I was wrong!
By: Annonymous on 02 Oct 2012
By: Oh dear god on 24 May 2012
i wanted to know were this came from i heard it on a disney chanel show
By: ginny on 14 Mar 2012
What does this even mean, some hot boy in my class said IF YOU WERE A BOOGER I'D PICK YOU FIRST i don't get what it means, does he like me or does he think im ugly :\
By: Ashley on 12 Feb 2012
I hope you use a tissue!
By: kambry on 26 May 2011
haha. that one's soo lame. but its funny so i wouldnt be able to hold a straight face. Furvert, that's a GREAT comeback though!!
By: Jill? on 09 Jul 2010
damn! do you work at subway cause you just gave me a footlong
By: harry on 26 Mar 2009
hahahahah i love this one! it works for me every time! so far ive gotten 10 chicks with it! ork no not ten more like...4...or...2...or...none! okok im a loser!((tear))
By: wilbert on 05 Apr 2008
why the hell would u be picking your nose in the first place
By: da_bears1 on 12 Mar 2008
I love that one!
By: MommaRose on 05 Feb 2008
I found my wife with this one.
By: Gary on 19 Dec 2007
another gross one... ewww...
By: jean on 22 Sep 2007

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