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" Excuse me, did you just fart? "

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No dear, that's just the smell of the BULLSHIT you're slinging!
By: VAMP on 07 Jul 2009
4 10
...What? ya call that a pick up line? Dude, you dropped it like it's hot.
By: the truth on 13 Dec 2013
2 4
Guy: "Baby did you just fart...cuz you just blew me away" Girl: {gasp} you knew that was me? lol
By: Jamela on 30 Jun 2009
3 4
Yes , i did & it smells like i just brought you a dozen of roses
By: babydoll on 21 Mar 2012
2 2
Why yes, you seem to have that effect ...
By: Flatulent on 14 Jun 2012
1 2
no but i think you shat your pants
By: drum4life on 24 Apr 2010
of course i did :) now go back to bed hunny!!!
By: Paicourt on 15 Sep 2010
Why yes... yes I did..
By: WTF on 17 Jun 2009
escuse me did u fart cuz u totally blew my mind away
By: yoloswag on 17 Oct 2013
Girl: umm ..... No Guy: really cuz you just blew me away
By: Haley on 23 Jan 2012
Hehe! I warn you!
By: Blade on 17 Jun 2011
why yes. yes i did.
By: alex on 20 Jul 2010
Girl:(farts again) ...uhhhh... no????
By: pipii on 18 Mar 2014
3 -1
No sweetie thats ur upper lip (;
By: jreps on 23 Apr 2010
2 -1
no...............maybe............shutup..you fart too (girl) on the toilet (guy) ur mom, u fart all the time remember thanksgiving
By: CHEESE on 20 Dec 2011
2 -1
girl: No, that was your ugly boyfriend. Get your dirty mind out of the gutter. guy: no joke
By: who cares on 25 Jun 2012
2 -2
Not just that.. I almost shit in my pants hon. Wait a min. U tell me watzup after a bj
By: Farzad on 05 Apr 2012
3 -2
GIrl : " Excuse me, did you just fart? " Boy : "No, I think that was my stomach. Would you like to have dinner with me?"
By: vishalbh on 22 Dec 2012
3 -3
TEEEHEEEEEEHHEEEEEEEE! Oops! I told you that anal s#% doesnt agree with me!
By: IDK DO YOU!?! on 06 May 2011
3 -3
girl: no? guy: oh thought i heard a mouse on a harley go by
By: cummins on 10 May 2012
3 -3
no it only smells like that becuz ur over here
By: gotchagirl124 on 21 Oct 2012
4 -3

Variations & Alternatives:

did you just fart? because you just blew me away!
By: wouldnt you liek to know on 18 Dec 2009
I love your perfume, what's it called?
By: TastyKakes on 06 Jul 2011


By: nicole on 26 Sep 2011
stop trying to blame your stankyass farts on me!!
By: jasamin on 18 Jul 2011
1 1
told u not to cook those beans
By: aa on 18 Jul 2011
1 1
What kind of stupid moron would use a pick up line like- *reads comments* :| Nevermind.
By: Ashley on 12 Apr 2012
haha that was stupid but funny...i hope no one tries to use that one haha
By: Marissa :) on 30 Apr 2010
lol it was totally random and made no sense whatsoever!!!!
By: jreps on 23 Apr 2010
that one is funny but if a guy says that to me ill be like excuse me? ;)
By: hotbabe;) on 22 Nov 2011
your supposed to say cause you just blew me away not just did you just fart that will get you a kick in the balls
By: guest on 05 May 2011
No matter what this pick up lines is going to get you slapped. Guys do me a favor do NOT use this on a girl or anybody please? thats just horrible.
By: Caleb's Baby Girl on 29 Nov 2011
|D This isn't even a pickup line!
By: Girl U. Dontno on 10 Sep 2010
cuz you just blew me away
By: alee on 13 Jun 2009
i love u
By: momma on 12 Dec 2011
By: Fk on 17 Aug 2011
I like girls that fart... espeacaily SUPER LOUD!!! If theri cheeks flap... That's my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Stinky on 24 Aug 2011
LOL i almost pissed my pants when i read that.. i hope no one uses that...
By: Matt on 30 Sep 2010
shit shit shit shit i like boobies!!
By: i <3 Penises up my ass on 30 Sep 2009
hahah ima laugh if sum 1 actually uses it on a girl:D amazing hella funny(:
By: savannah on 10 Jun 2010
girl: no? guy: oh thought i heard a mouse on a harley go by
By: cummins on 10 May 2012
do you like seeing your teeth on the ground
By: dede on 17 Feb 2010
Its random. And, random is funny. Most women I've dealt with like random, but it has to be a good random. This one is a 50/50. Good luck...lol.
By: lilangus on 27 Jun 2010
girl : noo why? because you just blew me away
By: Joshi on 29 May 2012
By: janut on 03 Nov 2009
Ok, this one suckss! D:<
By: Cynthia! :D on 25 Mar 2010
no sorry that was a quief
By: UNKNOW on 17 Feb 2013
So Shitty! Tang Ina! Corny!
By: Arjay V. on 14 Nov 2009
I like llamas.
By: UrGay on 21 Apr 2011
1 -1
Guy.did u Fart. Girl.what.Guy cuz u blew me to heaven :{)
By: kk on 03 Apr 2012
1 -1
awesome line ahahaha so funny
By: guy on 21 Apr 2013
2 -2

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Excuse me, did you just fart?

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