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" Somebody call the cops, because it's got to be illegal to look that good! "

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you have the right to suck my donut
By: ben on 10 Aug 2012
somebody call the cops nobody gives a shit abbout you
By: country on 23 Mar 2012
somebody call the cops, because it has got to be illegal to look so sexy
By: Shaun Bawden on 27 Oct 2011
Somebody call the cops, because it's got to be illegal to look that ugly!
By: Nelly on 28 Jun 2011
Here...let me do it..
By: Melly on 19 May 2011
unit 4 ready to move in good go go go (flash bang and gunfier)
By: gthy on 26 Dec 2010
please get away from me.
By: snookie on 20 Dec 2010
Somebody call the cops! Some strange Man / Woman is Harassing me!
By: DahGillyMonstah on 03 Apr 2010
Somebody call the cops! This guy has crappy pickup lines!
By: ashley on 10 Aug 2009
It's also illegal to steal fries from Mcdonalds
By: Psychedellicereal on 01 Apr 2009
Somebody call the cops he's from America's Most UGLY!
By: Ash on 13 Oct 2008
somebody call the cops its got to be illegal to look that UGLY!
By: Holly on 15 Sep 2007

Variations & Alternatives:

Someone call the cops, this girl is raping my eyes
By: TastyKakes on 06 Jul 2011


I Swear this is a pick up line from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!
By: Unknown on 18 Feb 2014
By: jack on 18 Jun 2013
Pick up lines that work: None Pick up lines that don't work: None
By: Imputent on 06 Oct 2010

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