Funny Military Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines for all those men in women out there protecting us. Have some laughs with our uniformed heroes from the Army, Navy and the Air Force.

Popular Military Pick Up Lines

You look like a rebel. Wanna mess with government property?
If you sleep with me, I'll let you bomb New Jersey back to the Stone Age.
Your breath reminds me of the smell of gunpowder that flows over the quiet battlefield.
Is that a radio in between your legs? Because comm is about to go down!
I'm about to flank you from the rear.
Target aquired, weapons hot, cleared to engage.
I'm a Navy guy, and I'd fight for our relationship like I'd fight for our country.
Wanna know why I'm known as a 'drill' sergeant?
Wanna make a trajectory were our vectors intersect?
You only have to give me one pushup, soldier, if it's your bra.
Asking for permission to enter friendly lines. Permission granted?
I'm sorry did I spill my camel pack on you?
You served our country, I wanna serve you.
Are you up for a little tactical insertion?
Wanna ride my torpedo?
My sights are locked on you!
I'll share a foxhole with you any day.
Baby you can read me better than U.S. Army ordinance on an AT4-HS.
When you walk into the room, I know the cavalry has come.
Are you in the Air Force? Cause your hotter than the engine of an F-22A Raptor.

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