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" Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got FINE written all over you. "

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Are you a donkey because it says ass all over you
By: Minxwings on 08 Apr 2014
I bet you'd know that really well, wouldn't you?
By: George on 22 Jul 2013
i'm sorry but can you please stop talking about yourself?
By: ermahgawdlykswagyo on 03 Apr 2013
By: ermahgawdlykswagyo on 03 Apr 2013
look probably not
By: ermahgawdlykswagyo on 03 Apr 2013
I bet I can guess what you did all holidays. shopping for mirrors.
By: ermahgawdlykswagyo on 03 Apr 2013
Are you an angle cuz it looks like you fell on your face
By: Wind speed on 29 Mar 2013
Is that your face because it looked like your but!
By: cant tell on 15 Mar 2013
Is your name Massengill? Because you have Douchebag written all over you!
By: In yer face on 04 Jan 2013
are you a donkey? cuz you have Jackass written all over you
By: Ace on 30 Jun 2012
Really? That's so nice! You know what you written all over you? STALKER!
By: Meg on 17 May 2012
Really? That's so nice! You know what you written all over you? STALKER!
By: Meg on 17 May 2012
okkk........i willuse this
By: jman on 16 Mar 2011
WTF ok dude do i look like a little hooker bitch... no i am not as thin as a piece of paper u whore!!!
By: No Homo on 28 Apr 2009
I'll do the honors of throwing myself out the window
By: Psychedellicereal on 31 Mar 2009
Are you my doormat? Because you have my footprints all over you.
By: Lizzie on 10 Dec 2008
Are you a donkey? Because you have jackass written all over you.
By: Elaine on 02 Mar 2008
Are you a jackass? Cuz you have jackass written all over you...
By: Whitney on 27 Feb 2008
Then maybe you should piss off like everyone else who gets a ticket does?
By: Killimangiro on 20 Feb 2008

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are you a parking ticket ?cuz you just ruined my fucking day
By: ishylluminate on 05 Apr 2014
If I was a bee I be flying around you all day cause you dah shit
By: crazy on 24 Mar 2014
By: megs on 19 Jan 2014
Lol wow if a guy did ths to me I'd say well are you Ron weasley cuz tht magic wand ain't puttin on a good show...:/
By: Chloe_horni on 16 Apr 2013
This would work on me, I find it mega cute!!
By: fiesty-one-u-r on 06 Apr 2013
By: Eilis on 03 Apr 2013
I used this pickup line and my weenie got cut off. Jk, it fell off.
By: abella on 27 Feb 2013
I have lost my left testicle 56 days ago by using this here line. Thanks.
By: keith on 13 Dec 2012
u smell
By: lolz on 14 Oct 2012
Are you an ass because my foot really wants to meet you.
By: FunneyChic on 10 Jun 2012
Not a very good pick up line. I've (unfortunately) heard it before - not the coolest thing to say nowadays. In my opinion - a man that says that is probably desperate - or a moron. Whichever comes first.
By: Ashley on 12 Apr 2012
Haha a guy in my class just said that to me today haha it's so lame guys don't try it pleeeez save yourself from humiliation ;)
By: Lizzygirl on 20 Jan 2012
Haha i love this
By: TaylorGangOrDie on 29 Aug 2011
thats stupied
By: lol on 11 Apr 2011
wowwwww................thats just awesome man
By: jman on 16 Mar 2011
By: Alex on 02 Jan 2011
Oi you stupid bitch you would soo fall for that line. Its awsome.
By: Haha on 30 Jun 2008
this is nice all of dem say aw thnx
By: Who carez on 23 Feb 2008

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