" Did it hurt when you fell? [Girl: Huh?] When you fell from heaven? "

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No, my boyfriend caught me.
By: Deanna on 22 Aug 2007
17 178
No but i scraped my knees when i crawled up from hell
By: Lizzy on 20 Feb 2014
20 143
No, but did it hurt when you fell from my ass because you're a piece of shit
By: Queenk on 11 Feb 2015
27 62
Not until I saw you!
By: Psychedellicereal on 02 Apr 2009
18 39
Girl: About as much as when they kicked you outta hell. *sashay off sexily*
By: Gail on 28 May 2013
21 21
... Did you just call me a fallen angel?
By: Girl U. Dontno on 26 Jul 2010
29 21
No, Because I fell on your fat mom
By: HSK on 09 Jun 2009
40 20
no but did it hurt when u were crawling u from hell
By: yomamma on 10 Apr 2014
27 18
Did it hurt? (did what hurt) when i knocked your buck ass teeth out for being lame.
By: Whitney on 27 Feb 2008
24 15
Wait, wait, wait, are you calling me lucifer?!?! *turns around and texts while saying out loud And send*
By: Abadon on 19 Feb 2016
13 13
I was never in heaven in the first place.
By: RandomPerson on 25 Mar 2014
23 13
lucifer: not funny
By: lucifer on 12 Dec 2012
23 12
No, but i got a scape crawling from the firery pits of hell.
By: lol on 17 Jan 2012
23 8
Wait, Did you just call me Satan?
By: Caramal on 17 Aug 2016
7 7
Sorry but if ur hitting on me, i dont date Satans workers. *turns back and walks away*
By: Kt on 21 Mar 2008
22 5
No, it didn't, but I did lose a few fingernails when I crawled my way out of HELL!
By: Shannon on 06 Oct 2013
29 4
Angels have wings, dips***
By: moo on 05 Apr 2014
26 3
No but it hurt when i came up from hell.
By: Ariel on 28 Apr 2009
17 3
no how was the elevator ride from hell?
By: dude on 15 Feb 2009
21 2
No cause I seen you, died and flew back up
By: Jake on 26 Nov 2015
18 2
i think u fell.....on ur head
By: u wish on 23 Apr 2010
23 1
No, cuz you caught me
By: Jeocozv on 28 Feb 2021
Some guy: did it hurt? Girl: what hurt? Some guy: when u fell from heaven? Girl: no but it did when I crawled out the fiery pits of hell
By: Nerdy girl on 20 Jul 2018
2 1
A little. How did it feel crawling up from hell?
By: Gabriella Feigenblatt on 21 Aug 2022
Hurt, my ass.
By: Ian on 09 Apr 2017
Boy, do you have the wrong zip code
By: Kitty on 30 Jan 2015
21 -6
it did when i hit the ground.
By: me on 27 Mar 2014
23 -7
No but it did hurt when i was shot from hel
By: asdfghjkl on 18 Apr 2015
16 -7
Did what hurt when you fell on your face
By: Megan on 04 Mar 2013
22 -8
You ugly
By: Don'tknow on 12 May 2014
39 -11
No. I feel straight to hell. You fell from heaven though. Oh don't ask how I know, OK I will tell you. Your face is messed up.
By: Lily on 27 Sep 2016
20 -13
Not as much as if you fell
By: Kitty on 30 Jan 2015
22 -14
im not an angel im a devil ;) wanna come in my bed tonight ??
By: justina on 04 Nov 2008
59 -36

Variations & Alternatives:

Did it hurt? Did what hurt? When you fell from the whore tree and banged every guy on the way down.
By: Karkar on 04 May 2015
8 13
Here is one i made up! Say it to a girl at a party "Did you fall from heaven?... Cause you looked smashed."
By: DangerGarden on 09 Jun 2014
7 9
Man: Did it hurt when you fell? Girl: What when i fell from heaven cos im an angel, lame (or any other sarcastic comment if shes a bitch) Man: No, when you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
By: Loz on 25 Apr 2015
2 8
When you fell from heaven did it hurt; well I'm glad you did cause even though I put the STD un STuD I still need U
By: Chella on 28 Aug 2016
4 -2
You: Did it hurt? Her: Did What Hurt? You: When you fell from heaven because baby you are an angel!
By: nick on 22 Oct 2008
14 -7


"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" ... "Because your face is pretty messed up."
By: BOB on 12 May 2012
4 12
No because I'm an angel, I just flew.. Duhh retard
By: Rick on 17 Aug 2011
7 11
The one that says "no but did it hurt when you fell from my ass because your a piece of shit" is funny 😁😁😁
By: Micheal on 21 Apr 2015
3 9
LMAO this is so funny cuz i was soo confused when this boy told me this and he kept coming back saying more pick up lines and i kept rejecting him lmao
By: Lillly on 18 Apr 2010
2 7
I get this one all the time. It's so fake, overdone and cheesy. I have said "No, but I lost a few fingernails climbing my way out of hell."
By: Shannon on 06 Oct 2013
7 2
i love this one. i get it all the time from weird ass people and i go "no because my boyfriend caught me" and walk away and its hilarious :)
By: haha19 on 16 Nov 2009
3 2
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By: Kitty on 30 Jan 2015
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By: KellyHaima on 03 Apr 2023
By: Reem on 02 Feb 2008
6 -1
No as much as if you fell
By: Kitty on 30 Jan 2015
4 -1
No but it hurt when I saw your ugly ass face.
By: Your mom on 20 Apr 2016
6 -2
i saw dis from der suite life on deck
By: hibaq on 09 Mar 2013
14 -11

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Did it hurt when you fell? [Girl: Huh?] When you fell from heaven?

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