" Hey, I didnt know angels flew so low. "

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God just sent me down to weed out all of earth's losers. Come with me please.
By: Mordred on 05 Feb 2008
1 9
im not an angel im a sexy devil
By: u wish on 23 Apr 2010
1 2
Me (noticing he's smoking): *Luaghs* and I didn't know devils tortured people this high.
By: Girl U. Dontno on 26 Jul 2010
3 -1

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I don't know about this one, it's pretty flattering that you call her an angel. At the same time… flying? That would mean you'd have to be flying too, wouldn't it?
By: Freddy on 26 Mar 2007
she said nothing cause she was passed out drunk
By: chilli on 30 Jan 2011
1 -1
I didn't Know Devil's Can Be so Pethedic and So High on drugs
By: Runaye on 28 Apr 2018
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Hey, I didnt know angels flew so low.

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