" (steps on some ice) Now that the ice is broken, what's your name? "

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Hi, I'm Jane and this is my girlfriend Jenny.
By: anonymoose on 18 Jun 2012
2 2
My name is never gonna happen boy
By: briethedoggy on 29 Nov 2015
Pick up the ice then throw it in his face.!!!! HA
By: Justin on 23 Oct 2007
3 -2

Variations & Alternatives:

this trick picks up the hottest girls. drop an ice cube on a hard floor with your left hand (so your right hand is not wet if the girl puts her hand out to introduce herself). make sure the girl sees you drop the ice then look down at it and say now that the ice is broken my name is...
By: mike on 23 Feb 2010


Did you sit on a frozen pond girl cuz you got an ICE ass (I know its not that good but I'm gonna roll with it k?
By: Ryan on 08 Oct 2017
You are so cute to me that I just wanna sit down and eat a cheeseburger with you baby.
By: Tony on 10 May 2012
this is the best pickup line i have ever used it got me laid by a tranny
By: yea on 19 Feb 2008
2 -1
this one's my ABSOLUTE favorite!! it works better if you use the variation to it. use your left hand please.
By: Jill? on 09 Jul 2010
1 -1

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(steps on some ice) Now that the ice is broken, what's your name?