" You know what would look good on you? Me! "

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You know what would look good on you? A black eye.
By: Koko on 03 Jun 2009
(for girls only)u know what wud luk gud on you?(guys goes 'what')a dress.
By: reese on 23 Apr 2009
do you know what would look good on on the floor? your beaten, lifeless corpse.
By: canada dry on 28 Jan 2008
Oh and you're one to pass judgement with the shitty way you dress
By: Psychedellicereal on 01 Apr 2009
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a bullet would look good in your flesh
By: dereck on 05 Mar 2018
Do you know what would look good on you? 3 teeth a black eye and a Broken nose
By: Hayley b on 10 Oct 2020

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Someone may think their drink would look even better on you. Unless you're totally trashed and in the mood for slaps and flying drinks, stay away from this one. Fun to use on friends for laughs... remember to laugh though.
By: Editor on 26 Mar 2007
Hahaha, very funny :)
By: Jon on 26 Mar 2007
I used this one on the guy I like (he likes me too), but he totally went along with it. It was so cute, haha. I'm pretty sure he knows it was meant to be a funny, seeing as I burst out with laughter after I said it. But, eh. It's not a bad pickup line, if you ask me. I've heard of worse.
By: Leigh on 30 Nov 2008

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You know what would look good on you? Me!

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