Beach Pick Up Lines

Ever got to the beach and forget your pick up lines to chat up the ladies. Well print this bad boy out and let em' rip. Those ladies will be chasing you like they did Hasselhoff. Got any hot line for the surf? Feel free to subit them!

The Best Beach Pick Up Lines

I like your braces. They shine against the waves.
Can I swim in your beautiful blue eyes?
People tell me I have a good breaststroke, but I'd say I'm a pretty good swimmer too.
Are you a low interval sprint set? ‘Cause you're making my face all red.
Excuse me, do I need to buy a ticket for your fantastic voyage?
Is it hot out here, or is it just you?
Hey, you wanna check out my long board.
Your surfboard is so big!
Let's go back to my place and get out of these wet clothes.
Damn girl! You look extra fine with that glowing tan.
They called me the human torpedo even before I took up swimming.
Do you want to see my snake on the beach?
I barely noticed you in the winter months.
If everybody here accidentally drowned, the first bloated corpse I'd pull out would be yours, sweetheart.

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