Math Pick Up Lines

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The Best Math Pick Up Lines

If you were a triangle youd be acute one.
My love for you is like dividing by zero-- it cannot be defined.
Are you the square root of -1? Because you can't be real.
You're sweeter than 3.14
I'd like to calculate the slope of those curves.
You've got the curves, I've got the angles.
I'm not being obtuse but you're acute girl.
I need some answers for my math homework. Quick. What's your number?
I want our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending.
Can I have your significant digits?
I wish I was your derivative so I can lie tangent to your curve.
My love for you goes on like the number pi.
Are you a 90 degree angle? 'Cause you're looking right.
Are you a differentiable function? Because I'd like to be tangent to your curves!
I am equivalent to the Empty Set when you are not with me.
If I were a function you would be my asymptote - I always tend towards you.
My love for you is a monotonically increasing unbounded function.
My love for you is like the slope of a concave up function because it is always increasing.
Your beauty cannot be spanned by a finite basis of vectors.
Can I plug my solution into your equation?

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