Epic Star Trek Pick Up Lines

If you're making a move on a Start Trek fan then be prepared with our awesome list of Star Trek pick up lines.

Top Trek Pick Up Lines
Your mouth says, 'Shields up!', but your eyes say, 'A hull breach is imminent.'
Nice legs...for a human.
Klingon: tuj'a' pa'vam? ghobe'. 'IwwIj DapubmoHba' SoH'e'! (Is it warm in here? No, it is clearly you who makes my blood boil!)
Do you want to go where no man has gone before?
Baby, you're hot enough to jump-start a vulcan's pon farr.
Hey baby, are your hailing frequencies open?
Take off your clothes and let's start the next generation.
Klingon: che'ron 'oH parmaq'e' 'ej DaHjaj SuvwI' jIH! (Love is a battlefield, and today, I am a warrior!)
Can I tribble you for some sweet kisses?
Logic tells me it'd be most beneficial if we reproduced.
Let's go back to my shop so I can inspect your EPS Conduit.
Did the earth move for you, or are we sitting on a Horta?
Klingon: pu' tIHmey bach'a' mInDu'lIj? vIleghDI' jIroSHa'choH! (Do your eyes fire phaser beams? When I see you I get stunned!)
Can I beam you up shorty?
Hi I'm the Captain, how may I be of service?
So Lieutenant. How about I show the meaning of Torpedo – full spread?
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on your ample nacelles.
I'd like to fill your Jeffries tube.
Can I take a ride on your warpcore?
Klingon: bIQamQo'chugh, chay' qapummoHlaH? (If you won't stand up, how can I knock you down?)

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