" I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you. "

Intelligence Insults

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that's alright. Use a will be easier to remove your crap after
By: me on 24 Apr 2016
3 12
Variation on the most popular. That's ok, use a pencil, it will be easier to correct your mistakes
By: Gazz on 22 Feb 2019
Don't worry you're too stupid to give a straight explanation anyway.
By: Muster up something on 14 Jun 2017
1 -1
You still use crayons?
By: 🔥ᎬᎷᏴᎬᎡ🔥 on 22 Apr 2017
5 -4
Oh yes, because I'm so perfect unlike you. You haven't got the time to explain why I'm so perfect.
By: Me on 14 Dec 2016
6 -4
Good cause I'd rather listen to the news rather than you
By: Intellectual handiwork on 23 Jan 2016
7 -5
Neither do I have the time to listen to your stupid shit.
By: Deez NUTS. on 21 Sep 2015
11 -9
Ass boobs (if girl ) , pennis(if boy) , action ,girl/boyfriend brains .. don't mind me I'm just saying other thingstyou don't have
By: dom on 22 Jul 2015
20 -15

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If they are that stupid they would probably think the crayons are food and eat them instead of draw with them
By: Carson Todd on 12 Jan 2024
It take three of yourself to understand something. 1 to ask the question, the second to explain it, and the third had to gat the answer repeated.
By: Alexis on 28 May 2016
3 -3
That dont make no sence brh
By: Brandi on 01 Nov 2016
4 -4
Y u gotta be an ass wipe somewhere else
By: D00pe on 05 Aug 2015
6 -6

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I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.

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