Poker and Gambling Pick Up Lines

Funny poker and gambling pick up lines, use them to throw the players off their game or maybe a date.

Top Gambling Pick Up Lines

My favorite hand is when yours is holding mine.
I'd go all in on the chance to see you again.
Have you ever gone all in with a pair of ladies before?
I may not be good looking, but I'm ranked Top 20 in the country
What are the pot odds we’ll be waking up next to each other.
Can I splash my chips all over you?
My hand is pretty weak, can I use yours?
Can I tap your stack for good luck?
If I bet, will you call me?
Want to play heads up I’ve got chips in my room.
I'm not in the blinds, but I want a piece of the action.
Hey, are you the bottom of my early position opening range because you're a QT.
In my room the blinds don't go up until the maid comes in.
If you give me your heart I’ll give you a diamond.
I'll go all in to get that jackpot.
Want to see what I'm holding?
Wanna see my one eye jack?
Yeah i'm checking. Checking you out.
Looks like you’ve got top and bottom pair covered.
Thank you for helping me make my hand...all I needed was a queen.

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