" You're so ugly, when you popped out the doctor said "Aww what a treasure" and your mom said "Yeah, lets bury it." "

Ugly Insults

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And when you popped out, halloween was invented
By: swimboss on 19 Sep 2014
2 34
Yeah, the way your brain works, I'd think that you'd been buried for quite a long time.
By: Lauren on 28 Aug 2014
3 8
Too bad you aren't a treasure yourself. You were thrown in the trash instead.
By: W.O.W. on 26 Nov 2016
1 7
Your so ugly you scared the shit out of the toilet
By: Anonymous on 15 Sep 2014
7 4
And when you came out, your dad though your mom had an affair with bob the builder.
By: Pooplol on 24 Aug 2016
2 1
Pirates didn't bury their treasure, dumbass. Go back to school.
By: Gamer on 02 Mar 2019
your so ugly you made death die
By: butt on 12 Feb 2015
7 -1
Hey. The Tudors called, they said they want their shoes back.
By: mac on 03 Sep 2016
2 -1
Your so ugly that when the doctor sore you he said we need to take him/her to the dump get the crane Reddy then the other doctor said why and the other said he is a decrease to the human race
By: KSI THE REAL ONE on 14 Feb 2017
4 -2
My mum told me your mum said you need loose weight and you said you had a six pack but it was plastic your belly is just a fat piece of flesh
By: KSI THE REAL ONE on 14 Feb 2017
2 -2
And when you popped out, you made Fear scared, and Panic panic.
By: randomidiot on 13 May 2015
9 -4
Well if my mum decided to bury me I wouldn't be here but she cares about me whereas your mum dosen't even care enough to teach you manners
By: Intellectual handiwork on 23 Jan 2016
11 -9

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You Must Be Rich To Buy All Those Mirrors...
By: :3 on 19 Jul 2015
1 4
The doctor slapped ya mother
By: Matthew L on 08 Jun 2016
when you popped out, you were so ugly that none of the nurse wanted you.
By: cross status on 21 May 2015
2 1
When your mother had you she said "Is it to late to have an abortion?"
By: Lily on 02 Sep 2016
Your mum told me one day she wished her dream came true but u poped out instead
By: Tom on 27 Mar 2016
1 1
I feel like the mom and the dad should be talking or something rather than her and the doctor but its funny haha
By: Chicken on 15 Mar 2016
Oooooooooh gurl yaaaaaass u just got barrrrrrried!
By: Barbie on 02 Feb 2015
3 -2
Peachy ass
By: Ass on 01 Jun 2015
3 -3

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You're so ugly, when you popped out the doctor said

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