" You're the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard. "

Intelligence Insults

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cause i'm worth saving, unlike your shitty excuse for a life
By: Smartass on 04 Nov 2017
3 5
seems like you half drowned when they saved you, look at your bloody clapped ass face lad
By: chromosomeless on 24 Nov 2022
Oh, so you support eugenics?
By: AnonymousGoof on 26 Apr 2021
That Lifeguard would have done good service to the world if he had just let you drown.
By: Bloom on 15 Sep 2023
And you will pay the cost or you can be it
By: BLUEBERRY on 31 Oct 2019
3 -1
Because awesomeness needs to be contained
By: ProRoasts on 06 Nov 2017
4 -3
Yeah and you need a lifeguard to manage your mental health
By: Intellectual handiwork on 23 Jan 2016
16 -8
And you're the reason why you need a lifeguard when you eat soup
By: sethwinters on 24 Feb 2016
15 -10
You are so dumb you can't even say you're name or spell it
By: Jr7 on 15 Feb 2017
11 -10

Variations & Alternatives:

The reason all you see is a light when you are dying instead of signs i because dumb asses like you don't know how to read.
By: IDK on 01 Dec 2016
3 -2


Your Family Tree is a cactus because theyre all pricks
By: FUDGE on 06 Oct 2016
2 6
Because i had to keep you from drowing the people in it wih your ugly face was giving them heart failures?
By: Nerd on 16 Nov 2017
By: Anon on 09 Feb 2016
4 -1
What's your excuse? A pool sign that said "swim at your own risk"?
By: Fiery on 12 Oct 2016
3 -3

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You're the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard.

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