Funny Break Up Lines

Do you want to dump your girlfriend or boyfriend? You'll break up in no time and in style with our list of hilarious break up lines.

The Best Break Up Lines

It's you, not me. I mean it's me, not you.
The rabbit died and he wasn't yours.
The judge changed my kid's visitation schedule.
Mom says I'm too good for you.
I'm no longer worthy of you.
Knock knock. Who's there? You're - You're who? - You're single!
Someone out there is perfect for you, I promise. It's just not me.
I am not ready for a relationship.
Just because a relationship ends, it doesn't mean it's not worth having.
You're great, it was great, but I do not feel that way about you, and I'm just not going to.
I need time to focus on my career.
Really, our time together has just become more effort than you're worth.
I need space.
Sorry I stopped contacting you. I had to go back to rehab.
I'd like to meet your ex.
Sorry, but my leprosy is acting up again. Are you going to eat those fries?
I'm afraid that I may be making the biggest mistake of my life, but I know this is the right thing to do now.
I found a new running partner.
I'm looking for a long-term relationship and I just can't see that with you.
Let's get married! I want to have lots of children, get a great big house, a mortgage and a minivan.

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Break Up Lines - Funny ways to break up - Part 4Break Up Lines - Funny ways to break up - Part 4Break Up Lines - Funny ways to break up - Part 4

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