" You're the reason they invented double doors! "

Fat Insults

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Yes, so I can slam a door in you face twice!
By: caden123 on 21 Mar 2015
9 43
Yeah it was my idea so fat people like you can actually fit through a doorway
By: Intellectual handiwork on 03 Aug 2016
11 8
You're the reason people invented rehab
By: Intellectual handiwork on 12 Nov 2016
9 7
Your so fat; I took a picture of you last year, and its still printing!
By: FabFab on 27 Apr 2017
3 7
At least i'm not the reason they invented prison
By: Bob Loblaw on 02 Jul 2017
1 4
your so fat that when you bungee jump off a bridge it breaks
By: mac on 02 Sep 2016
8 3
"Oh, so if i put a truck next to you...Will the truck be bigger? Or You?
By: Lolbit on 01 Mar 2019
Why thank you for noticing. Is there something wrong? Or just jealous that I helped your bulky body fit through with ease?
By: Hi random on 09 Dec 2020
Yah so I can shut them in your face twice!
By: Your mom on 15 Apr 2023
Ok it's time for your walk around the sun
By: Dakkshesh Kaul on 11 Nov 2023
go to hell fatty maybe you'll lose some weight over there.
By: DOOM SLAYER on 14 Nov 2023
your so fat if you took a selfie your storage would be full
By: poppi marson on 19 Jun 2023
your the reason niko Avocado is alive
By: mike on 15 Dec 2021
Great. And you're so fat they invented triple doors? Oh wait, that was last month. Now it's quadruple doors? maybe even higher?
By: Felix Schura on 29 Apr 2017
Sammi Lotus I'm not a mirrior
By: Skinny as fuck on 08 Jul 2018
Donald Trump Called, He needs his toenail back.
By: HALO SABI on 09 Apr 2017
hey ur mom must be a hardware store cuz she pays 20 cents to screw
By: fuck you on 07 Dec 2017
3 -1
Your so fat you bleed cholesterol
By: Mr sweg on 31 Mar 2017
4 -1
Was that supposed to offend me because the only thing offending me is your face
By: Courtney on 23 May 2015
23 -4
no you are fatty
By: hi man on 18 May 2017
6 -4
the only reason they invented doors is from looking at your fat spaced belly
By: hi on 05 Sep 2016
9 -5
you too because you kept slaming you head on the door knob on the single door and they head to make a second one
By: Saphire on 04 Apr 2015
18 -12
who's they? your fat ass mom and dad?
By: Saphire on 04 Apr 2015
20 -12
Yeah so I can make a cool entrance and you'll just look like a loser thinking to yourself "why didn't I think of that"?
By: Intellectual handiwork on 23 Jan 2016
19 -15

Variations & Alternatives:

You're so fat when you sit on a dollar, 100 pennies pop out.
By: Phil on 02 Oct 2015
8 -2


But unlike you, I can fit through them
By: Shmoop on 22 Oct 2016
2 5
If I'm the reason double doors were invented, why can I fit through them??
By: Bad gal on 02 Dec 2018
when someone fat says they have a sweet tooth, "no, its going strait to your ass, i think your ass ow's your tooth an explanation!"- when people come by in a subway, "oh, i just wan't a"well apparently it was a bite from a shovel.
By: yo mama joke on 20 Mar 2017
1 1
You are sick
By: Leave me alone on 12 Oct 2023
you're the reason that he'll exists, it's made just for you!
By: on 19 Mar 2017
Your so fat they invented quadruple doors Sammi lotus
By: Lol man on 01 Mar 2024
you so fat that if thanos slap you, you get damage but instead of getting damage u only lose weigh
By: Jude Ha on 06 Dec 2023
u so fat that when u ride a aeroplane it goes up but u weigh makes it goes down and couldn't fly up
By: Jude Ha on 09 Dec 2023
your so fat that even whole squad of tigers failed eating you
By: Jude Ha on 09 Dec 2023
I will slap u so hard that even google won't be able to find you
By: Jude Ha on 09 Dec 2023
your so fat that even whole squad of tigers failed eating you
By: Jude Ha on 09 Dec 2023
You got the seven deadly chins on your neck
By: Waddle dee on 09 Jun 2024
And your mom is so fat she forms oracle arena
By: ss on 25 Nov 2017
2 -1
Your the Reason why your family left you
By: Shut It on 30 Mar 2017
3 -2
yeah so i can slam there in your face sammi
By: hi man on 18 May 2017
2 -2
I got another one your so fat your neck plays hide and seek with you
By: Music Beast on 30 Aug 2016
8 -3
Your so fat they need triple doors!
By: Sammi Lotus on 31 Mar 2016
18 -16

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You're the reason they invented double doors!

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