Pick up lines for your favorite hobbies and activities.

Whatever your interest, we have pickup lines for your favorite hobbies and activities such as Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Cars and Poker.

Top Pick Up Lines in Interests

How about I shift my stick into something else...
Is your battery dead? Cause I’d love to jump you.
Did it hurt when they manufactured you in heaven?
Going my way? I've got a seat open.
If you were a Dodge, I'd RAM you.
Can I splash my chips all over you?
If I bet, will you call me?
Excuse me, can you spot me? I think I'm falling for you.
Are you ready for your first ascent?
Hey girl, wanna belay me?
Oh you dance? You wanna go do some contact improv in my bed?
Dance with me if I'm wrong but 2+2 is five, right?
If you can dance, you have my hand, but if you can sing, you have my heart.
Did you know that you burn 2.8 calories a minute while slow dancing. Wanna work out?
I'll rondversé with you any day.
Are you a sea butterfly? Because I’m caught in your trap.
Are you farm raised or do you have to be wild caught?
Do you like Shark Week?!
Hey babe, let's do it dolphin style.
If you were a fish, you’d be an Angelfish.

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