" I own the best roller coaster in town, wanna ride it? "

Amusement Park Pick Up Lines

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Can't. I heard your roller coaster causes vomiting just by looking at it.
By: Deelilah_ on 25 Apr 2011
I'll pass... your rollercoaster would make me sick.
By: youknowwho on 11 Aug 2008
sorry, I only ride the big, fun, wild ones.
By: Katie on 28 Jun 2009
the roller coaster that broke down...right? ps sam your a freak... no wonder your on this, cant get a girl no?...
By: Rox on 01 Sep 2008
sorry roller coasters make me throw up
By: eelyk on 23 Feb 2008
looks more like a kiddie ride to me. Thanks for the offer, but no.
By: churro on 03 Dec 2010
no thanks ur ride's too short its not worth it
By: lkfaaer on 07 Mar 2009

Variations & Alternatives:

oh baby
By: fhkme on 03 Jun 2010
yess ohh i would ride it all night longg!! only if yor F@#$K it really hard like REALYY HARDD OH YEAaa
By: fhkme on 03 Jun 2010
this getting me horny! whos up tonighttt. hehehe
By: fhkme on 03 Jun 2010


and i would say "ONlY IF YOU CAN F**K MY P****Y!!! I MEAN F**K IT REALLY REALLY HARD" then yes i will sooo ride YOUR roller coaster
By: sam on 19 Jun 2008
sorry i dont ride the small, ugly and unbathed
By: noone on 05 Aug 2009

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I own the best roller coaster in town, wanna ride it?

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