Airport and Airplane Pick Up Lines

You never know where you'll meet that special someone, in the check-in line, luggage pickup, the airport lounge or sitting next to you on the plane. Get ready for departure with our list of great airport pick up lines.

The Best Airport Pick Up Lines

I know a great recovery for jet lag.
Is there an airport nearby or is that my heart taking off?
Are you ready to board?
I'd love to be your final destination.
I assure you I can last longer than any jet engine that you know of right in this bed.
I love a good South of the border crossing.
I would give anything to be your personal item.
Are you a customs agent? Because I'd like to declare my love for you.
Can I claim your baggage?
You're so cute, I don't need to see your boarding pass.
In the airport, I am willing to let all my personal feelings fly towards you, baby.
I bet you can't even pass airport procedures because you are simply the bomb, honey.
Should you be a sticker, you would be right into my vintage set right now, babe.
I think you have been a bad boy, leaving your luggage unattended, I must punish you.
If we are in the airport, I would give you a thorough body scan, babe.
If you were a TSA agent, I would be happy to get a body scan.
You seem to be a good fir up inside my cockpit, you can finally see my cock at last.
We can even do it doggy style, don't worry, I bet the airplane has some nice cabins.
You get jet lag every time? I bet I can show you how fast I recover right now!
I don't need the captain to remind me about the upright position.
Why are you alone, honey, with your beauty, it should be a crime to travel all alone, really.
Did you invent the airplane? Cause you seem Wright for me
Have trouble sleeping on trains? [No] You will when we travel together.
If we go down, I'll save you first.
If you want some layover with me, I promise I won't complain about it, babe.
Girl, a 12 hour time difference really wouldn't make me feel bad about you, believe me.
I hate red-eye flights, but I would fly all night for you.
How did you get through security without setting the sensors off?
We must be near the port or is it just because my heart is beating too fast coz I like you?
We can cross international boundaries together, you and I, let's do it tonight, babe.

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I know a great recovery for jet lag.
Is there an airport nearby or is that my heart taking off?Are you ready to board?