Worst Pick Up Lines

The good, the bad and the... WORST? Seriously, some of these pick up lines make absolutely no sense, or do they? Would you look stupid saying it? It's a pickup line right, or a piss off line? Are you looking to get into someone's pants or do you want them to stay far, far away from you for the rest of the night? Sometimes people do things so ridiculous they make you say 'What were they thinking?' Lets have a look at some of the worst rated lines on our site.

The Best Worst Pick Up Lines

My two favorite things are commitment and changing myself.
I hope you like coffee...because I always have Folgers in my Cup
Lemme borrow that number gurl.
Girl, you got more legs than a bucket of chicken!
Can I borrow your cell phone? I need to call animal control, because I just saw a fox!
You don't sweat much for a fat chick.
Honey, your dad doesn't have a penis. He's got a paintbrush!
You're hotter than donut grease.
Did god take the thunder out the skys and put it in your thighs?!
If this bar is a meat market, you must be the prime rib!
I wish I was your mirror.
Hello are you married? [Yes] Well I didn't hear you say "happily"?
Are you related to Jean-Claude Van Damme? Because Jean-Claude Van Damme you're sexy!
Did something bad happen to you or are you just naturally ugly.
Want to be different? Say yes.
Tag! You're it! then pretend to run away
Hi, do you believe in one night stands?
You have a good web-surfing stance.
Your mom told me to say 'Hi' to you
Want to dance? Or should I go to hell again?

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