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Puns are great and quick way to make someone laugh or give you a nasty look! Give it a go and see if your friend has a sense of humor. It's always funnier if they're slow to get the pun.

The Best Puns

Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink.
They told me I had type A blood, but it was a type O.
A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was, a nurse said, "No change yet."
Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted.
What's the definition of a will? - Come on, it's a dead giveaway!
Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.
Two banks with different rates have a conflict of interest.
A backward poet writes inverse.
What grows up while growing down? A goose.
Ninety eight percent of cross-eyed teachers have difficulty controlling their pupils.
Did you hear about the optometrist who fell into a lens grinder and made a spectacle of himself?
This is my step ladder. I never knew my real ladder
I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with, but I've been tripping all day.
When the TV repairman got married the reception was excellent.
I can't grow hair on the side of my face. I guess I just don't have the chops.
A pessimist's blood type is always b-negative
In plumbing,a straight flush is better than a full house
A dentist married a manicurist, but they fought tooth and nail.
I used to be a railroad conductor, but my boss found out I wasn't trained.
Never lie to an x-ray technician. They can see right through you.

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