Funny and Cheesy Christmas Pick Up lines

It's the holiday season and you might be a little tired of your family. So here's a list of hilarious pick up lines to use when you go out on the town and meet that Christmas miracle.

The Best Christmas Pick Up lines

Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?
I didn't think I was a snowman, but you just made my heart melt.
If a fat man puts you in a bag at night, don't worry I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.
I've checked it twice, and I'm sure you're on my naughty list.
If you were a tree, you'd be an evergreen, because I bet you look this good year-round.
I could work with the elves in the ribbon-tying department because I'm a pretty knotty girl.
Call me Rudolph, because you just sleighed me.
You are the reason Santa even has a naughty list.
Santa's lap isn't the only place wishes come true.
Can you hold my gloves for a second? I was gonna warm them by the fireplace, but you are way hotter.
Are you Christmas, because I want to Merry you.
Is that a candy cane in your pocket, or are you just struggling to contain your excite-mint?
Let me take you out on a first date in the snow - I promise I'm not a flake-y person.
Shouldn't you be sitting on top of my tree, Angel?
So, what will it be, naughty or nice?
Do you live in an igloo? Because you seem like a pretty cool person.
Those aren't sugar plums dancing through my head, it's all you.
I just got this naughty list from Santa and I'm pretty sure you're on it.
You are what I want for Christmas.
Black ice isn't the only thing I'm falling for.

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Christmas Pick Up linesChristmas Pick Up linesChristmas Pick Up lines

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