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Top Olympic Lines

Curling? More like curling up next to you in bed, am I right?
How about you let me take you for a ride in my bobsled? By bobsled, I mean bed.
Don't mean to be Russian, but would it be Sochieesy if I ask for your number.
Do you like water polo? Because you look like you like to get down and dirty in the water
Are you the Olympics? Because I have been dreaming of getting into you my whole life.
I want to get filthy like we're in Rio water.
Raise my flag, I think I just won gold.
You remind me of the luge track,fast, smooth, and curvy.
Girl you must be a curling broom, because you swept me off my feet.
You look like you could definitely work the freestyle. Grabbing some rail gives you more points.
Some people like to watch the Olympics because they happen once every four years but I'd rather talk to you because talking to someone like you only happens once in a lifetime.
Your eyes are more beautiful than the fireworks at the opening ceremony!
Hey girl are you a skiing event, cause I would travel cross-country for you!
I'm looking to get bobsleigh'd tonight.
I've been carrying this torch for you all night, let's go put it out at my place.
Pool aren't the only thing Olympic-sized around here.
I'm going for the silver, because I'll make sure you come first.
Your smile shines brighter than a Gold Medal!
Girl you are five rings of fine. That's more than opening ceremony got!
Are you an Olympic bobsledder? because u look like you know your way around dangerous curves.

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Olympics Pick Up LinesOlympics Pick Up LinesOlympics Pick Up Lines

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