Pick Up Lines for Hockey Fans and Players

Fan or a player, we've got an awesome list of funny Hockey Pick Up Lines for you to get your next date or on off the ice.

Top Hockey Lines

I've got a curved stick.
I'm good on the ice, but I'm GREAT in bed!
How about we drop the gloves and go at it?
I'd love to serve a 5 minute penalty in your box.
You wanna be my equipment manager.
Wanna see my hat-trick?
You think Zdeno Chara has a long stick, wait until you see mine.
Want to hold my shaft?
We're gonna go beat up Scott Hamilton. Wanna come?
You must be the oppositions net, because I can't wait to be inside you.
Can I slip one past your goalie?
I'm not wearing hockey pads.
I'm Zam. How would you like a Zamboni ride?
I said, Would you like a PUCK?
If I can't score, can I at least get an assist?
Life is better when we stick together.
I bet I can score on your 5-hole
I'd let you score on my 5-hole.
My other stick curves to the right
Gretzky isn't the only great one.

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