Fantastic Volleyball Lines to use Indoors or at the Beach.

We've put together a list of the funniest Volleyball lines. In fact, we guarantee that you'll git it.

Top Rated Volleyball Lines

Do you play volleyball? Cuz you're about to receive this serve.
Will you set me? Because I'd kill for a date with you.
Are you sure you're not a volleyball? Because I'm calling you mine.
Did you just spike it? Because I'm digging you.
Volleyball, it means big booty and thunder thighs get used to it.
Are you a defensive specialist because you could definitely dig me.
There's 900 square feet in a volleyball court, and I still find my way directly to you.
If you're a volleyball player, I think we can set up a date.
I know it's against the rules, but I'd love to touch you more than 3 times.
Are you a perfect set? Because I'd smash that.
If I get a block on you, can I get your number?
Are you a top spin? Cause you got me hitting the floor.
Are you a tight set cause I just wanna get the tip in.
Are you diving suicides? Because you make my heart race.
Are you a volleyball? Because I'm digging you.
I really dig you.
Are you a JCB because you sure know how to dig.
Are you a down ball? Cause I dig you.
Baby you light up the court, the way that you serve that ball got me overwhelmed.
If you were a perfect set, I'd hit you.

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