Funny Football pick up lines to catch that date.

We're got an awesome list of pick up lines any NFL fan would appreciate. Whether you're a fan, player coach or parent, you're gonna get a touchdown date.

Top Rated Lines

This game is about ball control baby.
Consider this your two-minute warning... before I kiss you.
How about we kick off a new relationship tonight?
Damn girl are you Marshawn Lynch? Cause you got fine written all over you.
Hey girl, on a scale of one to Laremy Tunsil, how available are you?
Baby I'm about to line up in your neutral zone.
My name's Pittsburgh, but you can just call me Mr. Steeler ya girl.
I want to pick you up from free agency.
Wanna be my receiver tonight?
Can I show you my Danny Woodhead.
Don't call an offside, I just wanted to ask you out!
I'm not trying to impress you but... I have as many playoff wins as Andy Dalton.
Girl, you don't have to settle for a pocket passer when you can have a scrambler like me.
I'm going to go for two after I score.
Are you going to ask me out soon, or do I need to call a delay of game penalty?
Are you a Titans fan? Because you are the only Ten I see.
Do you play football? Because you've got a tight end.
Hey babe wanna play with my foam finger?
Are you the New England Patriots? Because you can deflate my balls whenever you like.
You're so hot, I would let you penetrate my defense.

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