Funny Medical Pick Up Lines for Nurses and Doctors

You never know when you'll need a pick up line for that Doctor or Nurse. Maybe you're stuck in the hospital for a little while and want to cheer some people up?

Top Doctor, Nurse and Medical Lines

My sudden protracted cardiac arrhythmia makes me think I'm falling for you.
If you need a love doctor, I have like a medicated degree.
Is that a Laryngoscope handle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
They don't call me Bones because I'm a doctor.
Are you a pulmonary embolism? 'Cause I can't breathe when I'm around you.
Do you have an inhaler? 'Cause you took my breath away.
Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful veins?
Does your left eye hurt? Because you've been looking right all day.
That pulsation in my femoral sheath isn't coming from an artery.
Honey, you're so sweet you're gonna put me in DKA!
Wanna play 'Doctor', Doctor?
When you walked in the door your beauty hit me so hard that I have a priapism from all the trauma.
I have my own multi-positional bed!
I wish I was your coronary artery, so that I could be wrapped around your heart.
You give me premature ventricular contractions.
You make me vasodilate!
I can find every pulse in your body!
Hey baby, wanna play with my corpus cavernosum?
If I go into cardiac arrest will you give me mouth to mouth?
Where there is a pulse there is a chance.

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Doctor, Nurse and Medical Pick Up LinesDoctor, Nurse and Medical Pick Up LinesDoctor, Nurse and Medical Pick Up Lines

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