Farming & Homesteading Pick Up Lines

Get that perfect farmer gal or guy and start cultivating a relationship with our funny farmer pick up lines.

Top Farming Pick Up Lines

I'll be the John to your Deere, and we can run together forever.
If I were a tractor and you were a plow, I would definitely hook up with you.
My roses aren't the only things with long stems.
Is that a phone in your pocket or is your rooster happy to see me?
Is that a pole shed, or are you glad to see me?
You have beautiful calves.
Your father must've been a pumpkin because you look gourdgeous.
I have celeriac seedlings in the back of my car.
You can treat me like a stack of hay, and you can bale with me.
Do you live in a cornfield? Because I'm stalking you.
Of all the beautiful faces I just can't look pastures.
I've got some new rubbers, so it's ok to sow my wild oats if it gets too wet in the field.
How would you like to switch the gears on my tractor?
I wish I could harvest you at peak season.
A tractor? That's what I'm trying to do!
I get fresh eggs daily.
I'll tell you how many acres I farm.
Are you a composting pile? Cause you look hot.
I'll starch your shirts AND your jeans.
Baby, why don't you come on over here and ride my pony.

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