Insults. Something about sticks and stones and words that never hurt? Well, whoever said that obviously missed all of the good insults. We try and keep it clean around here, but you will find just about everything on this list for your name calling needs.

The Best Insults

The last time I saw a face like yours I fed it a banana.
If I were to slap you, it would be considered animal abuse!
Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.
Why don't you check eBay and see if they have a life for sale.
You're the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard.
What are you doing here? Did someone leave your cage open?
If I gave you a penny for your thoughts, I'd get change.
Do you know how long it takes for your mother to take a crap? Nine months.
You're so ugly, when you got robbed, the robbers made you wear their masks.
I'd drive a million miles for one of your smiles.
This game is about ball control baby.
Consider this your two-minute warning... before I kiss you.
My coffee hasn't kicked in yet, so I can't think of anything charming to say.
Would you mind reaching into your heart and getting me a piece of ice?
Do you play singles tournaments often?
I asked my dad for his best dad joke and he said, 'You.'
Babe trust me, the only time I'd play games with you is on the court.
Do you like basketball? Because when I saw you, my D. Rose.
I'd love to take it to the hole and drop it in your Hoop!
Well it's not my fault that you stole a pizza my heart.

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