" If i was cosin squared and you were sin squared we would be one. "

Math Pick Up Lines

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eh. that was lame.
By: smalls on 13 Oct 2011
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Variations & Alternatives:

If you were sine squared and i was cosine squared together we would be one
By: Jim on 25 Feb 2009


Best pick up line in the history of pick up lines! Take advanced functions!
By: Shelby and Melissa on 03 Dec 2007
trigonometric identities, friends..
By: Mr. Math on 03 Jan 2009
picking up the pace now that we're adults; "if you were sine and i was cosine, they'd need the chain rule to differentiate us, because id be inside you. "
By: goger on 31 Aug 2021
wow.. we just learned about these identities. this is pretty cheesyy haha
By: tash on 24 Feb 2011
i still prefer "i wish i was a derivative so i could lie tangent to your curves"
By: Raychel on 21 Nov 2008
I LOVE THIS! ill deff have to share it with my calc class tomorrow =]
By: coN on 08 Dec 2008
You definately have to be in an advanced math class to get this one.. We just talked about this today in Pre Calculus and I think it's adorable!
By: Andrea on 27 Feb 2008
Sorry, I'm tangent, so we can never be 1.
By: gandalf on 03 Feb 2013
I dont get it? and im actually smart
By: tiff on 07 Oct 2008
its adorable ehehehehhe..
By: sara on 18 Jul 2010
wow. just wow. this makes me think of my math teacher.. this is something she would say.
By: beth. on 23 May 2008
awh nerd pick-up lines! thats cute.
By: sagepetal on 23 Oct 2011

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If i was cosin squared and you were sin squared we would be one.

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