" You had me at "Hello World" "

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You had me at "GoodBye"
By: justme! on 15 Jun 2011
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so you didn't hear me telling you to stay the heck away from me
By: the truth on 11 Dec 2013
By: Saafffiiia on 26 Jan 2011
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What a stalker...
By: Girl U. Dontno on 10 Sep 2010
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So you were creeping on me when I first came into the world? As in, out of the womb? Where's Chris Hansen when you need him?
By: Alli on 02 Jul 2011
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@ Jesus "hello world" is taught as the starting point in pretty much every Programming Language
By: Minimatt on 20 May 2013
lmao CS jokes hahahah
By: Blood on 17 Apr 2012
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Wtf guys "Hello World" is the first thing u start to do in programming and it is SO easy.
By: random_person on 10 Jul 2013
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obv. you guys dont know "hello world" is the first lesson taught in almost all C++ and Java classes
By: jesus on 24 Jun 2011
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This is SUPER lame.
By: Girl U. Dontno on 26 Jul 2010
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