Pick Up Lines For Sports

Pick up lines for all your sporting needs. You never know when you'll be at a game and meet that special someone.

Top Sports Lines

Is that my golf bag in your pants because I just finished a long drive and I'd like to put my wood in it?
Dang, girl. You're a fielder's choice.
Wanna hear a joke? The Blue Jays. Wanna hear something serious? My love for you.
I got a private conference in my hotel room at the winter meetings, come on up if you wanna look at my trade package.
Hey, do you play Center? Because you are the center of my attention?
You may have heard that I'm a great ball handler. Wanna sample my skills?
Do you like basketball? Because when I saw you, my D. Rose.
I'd love to take it to the hole and drop it in your Hoop!
I've got a curved stick.
Roses are red, violets are blue, would you mind if I ran with you?
What are your times? Because I can show you the time of your life.
I knew angels could fly, but I didn't know they could run.
Are you the 100 breast? Cause baby you make my knees weak.
How about we kick off a new relationship tonight?
This game is about ball control baby.
Consider this your two-minute warning... before I kiss you.
If we were playing tennis, I'd let you score all the points so I'll always be in Love.
Do you play singles tournaments often?
Babe trust me, the only time I'd play games with you is on the court.
Any yoga you do is hot yoga.

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