Pick Up Lines For Sports

Pick up lines for all your sporting needs. You never know when you'll be at a game and meet that special someone.

Top Sports Lines

Did you just spike it? Because I'm digging you.
Are you a top spin? Cause you got me hitting the floor.
You got me in a heel hook and I fell for you...
Are you a black line? Because I could stare at you all day long.
You in the mood for some stroke play?
I'd got to bat for you, babe.
I hope you're good at catching cause I'm starting to fall for you.
Boy I heard you're a basketball player. I'd like to see you dribble those balls between these legs.
You can stop running after your dreams. I'm right here.
Are you the 100 breast? Cause baby you make my knees weak.
Wanna be my receiver tonight?
Babe trust me, the only time I'd play games with you is on the court.
I'd love to take it to the hole and drop it in your Hoop!
I only play in the short grass.
You're more beautiful than a hundred pink flamingos on a golf course.
I wanna take out your golf clubs and score a HOLE in 1.
I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart. Just like Dee Gordon steals bases!"
Babe, there's a few tough road series coming up, but if we can make it through them, I'll know it's real.
Are you in the on deck circle? Cuz you're up next.
Uhhhh, my lead off's not great, and though I may be off base, I'd like to take you on a date.

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