Pick Up Lines For Sports

Pick up lines for all your sporting needs. You never know when you'll be at a game and meet that special someone.

Top Sports Lines

I got a private conference in my hotel room at the winter meetings, come on up if you wanna look at my trade package.
Looks like you're the big ticket free agent, and I got a lotta money to spend.
Are you Ashley Young? Cause you can dive on me anytime.
Are you Messi? Cause I am dribbling all over you.
It doesn't Mata about the others, because you're the Juan for me.
Can I be one of the men in your box?
Are you Sergio Ramos' penalty kick? Cause you're out of this world.
I won't give you a yellow card if you take off your shirt.
On a scale from 1 to basketball how free are you tomorrow night.
Baby I'd love too get a jump ball with you, my possession arrow would always point your way!
Hey girl. What's your bracket lookin like this year?
How about we drop the gloves and go at it?
I'd love to serve a 5 minute penalty in your box.
You wanna be my equipment manager.
Wanna see my hat-trick?
I'm good on the ice, but I'm GREAT in bed!
You think Zdeno Chara has a long stick, wait until you see mine.
Want to hold my shaft?
We're gonna go beat up Scott Hamilton. Wanna come?
I don't need compression gear. You increase my blood flow.

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