Pick Up Lines For Sports

Pick up lines for all your sporting needs. You never know when you'll be at a game and meet that special someone.

Top Sports Lines

Are you the end of practice? Because you're always on my mind.
Are you a gold medal? Because I won't stop until I get to you.
You are like my snorkel, because you're wrapped around my mind.
Are you the 100 breast? Cause baby you make my knees weak.
Hey babe are you a swimmer? Cause you've been swimming through my mind all day.
Are you a touch pad? Because I'd be the first to tap that.
My pull buoy's not the only thing that goes between these thighs.
Are you a lanerope because I can't seem to stop hitting on you?
Boy, I wanna go swimming but I'm already drowning in your eyes.
Hey babe wanna play with my foam finger?
If we were playing tennis, I'd let you score all the points so I'll always be in Love.
Babe, you played a good match, but you and me are a PERFECT match.
I'll be your Andre Agassi if you'll be my Steffi Graf.
Does the sleeve match the shoes?
So, what's your favorite stroke?
Will you be my doubles partner for life?
How about some doubles?
I'll call every ball out so we can stay in love.
Girl I'll beat you 6-0 every time, 'cause I'll never stop loving you.
Protein shakes and chill?

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