Funny and Cheesy Food Lines

Food pick up lines for chefs, cooks and foodies. You never know when you'll knead one.

Top Food Related Lines

Do you believe in love at first sip or should I take another?
I can feel something brewing between the two of us.
Yea I'm like pizza. You can have me all at once or save me for several days.
Girl you're like a pizza. I want like 3 more of you and I don't wanna share.
I wanna butter your toast and eat you for breakfast.
You're like milk, I want to make you a part of my complete breakfast.
I'm like Papa Johns, always the best ingredients.
Dammnn baby! Your body must be from McDonalds? Cause I'm Loving It!
Are you a meal at McDonalds? If you were you would be a McHottie.
Girl you're making me a high-maintenance Starbucks customer because you're extra hot and I like it.
The barista may have forgotten your name, but I sure won't.
Are you a pizza box? because I can't wait to get your top off.
I like you a latte, mocha it a date?
Coffee, tea, or just more of me?
I like my women like I like my coffee, HOT!
You're like my coffee, you keep me up all night.
This coffee is steaming up my glasses or is that just you?
I love the way you espresso yourself.
Let's make like this coffee and get steamy!
Java number I can call you up at?

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