Funny and Cheesy Food Lines

Food pick up lines for chefs, cooks and foodies. You never know when you'll knead one.

Top Food Related Lines

Are you hot and ready?
My beans are cold could you warm them up?
Are you breakfast? Cause you're the greatest thing ever.
Hey I was wondering about the diameter of your pancakes?
Are you from the pancake house? Cause I just wanna stack on top of you.
I heard bacon goes well with bourbon, shall we?
Hey baby, I'd like to French your toast.
Do you open for breakfast?
You're a full bodied breakfast tea.
Baby, your bacon my eggs!
Do you work at Harvey's because your a beautiful thing.
One look at these buns, and you'll forget about the sandwich.
I wanna dip my nuggest in your sweet and sour sauce.
I can be the king of your burger.
Would you like fries or my number with burger today?
Do you work at Subway? Because you're giving me a footlong.
Girl is your face from McDonald's? Cause I'm loving it.
Girl, you can be my Taco Belle.
Seeing you is like getting 11 McNuggets in my 10 piece meal.
Is your body McDonald's? Cos I'm lovin' it.

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