Funny and Cheesy Food Lines

Food pick up lines for chefs, cooks and foodies. You never know when you'll knead one.

Top Food Related Lines

Would you like to see my whopper?
Girl, tonight I want you to be my, cheap, and easy.
Just like at Burger King, You're the boss.
Work at McDonalds ? Because I was wondering if I could get a fry with such a shock.
Baby, you got more legs than a bucket of KFC!
Let me put a toy in your happy meal.
Yeah, I want a medium order of fries and for you to be my date.
You are like a pizza. Even when you are bad, you're good.
Right now, I’m craving pizza, but I’m craving you more.
You're my Happy Meal & I'm your Big Mac.
Are you the new item on the McDonald's menu? The McNificent?
Can I be the cream to your coffee?
I want to give you olive my love.
Want to hear a joke about pizza? Never mind, it's too cheesy.
Do you like mushrooms because I could mush you in a room.
Girl, you're the Egg McMuffin of one night stands.
Can I dip my fries in your Frosty?
Is that a large fry in your pocket, or are you just excited to see me?
If you were a burger at McDonald's, you'd be named McStunning.
Hey girl. Have you been sun bathing? Cause you look Mmmmm... Toasty.

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